The Dancing Cat           San Jose, CA

The Colony                       Pittsburg, PA

Cat Cafe Madison        Madison, WI


Kittens In Cups              Annapolis, MD

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe  Mason, OH

Mauhaus Cat Cafe      Maplewood, MO

My Kitty Cafe               Guelph, Ontario, Canada 

Southpaw Cat Cafe   Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The Windy Kitty          Chicago, IL

The Cat Cafe                 San Diego, CA

Happy Cat Cafe           Grand Rapids, MI

Tinker's Cat Cafe         Salt Lake City, UT

Happy Tabby                   Atlanta, GA

La Gattara                        Tempe,  AZ

Regal Cat Cafe               Calgary, Canada

The Casual Cat Cafe  Richland Hills, TX

Cat Nip Cafe                  Ann Arbor, MI

Purr CatFe                      Fayetteville, AR

Black Cat Market        Pittsburg, PA

Mewsic Kitty Cafe  Nashville, TN (currently a Pop Up)

Cat Cafe on Whyte  Alberta, Canada

The Purrfect Cat cafe is a proud member of The North American Cat Cafe Embassy.

Cat Cafes, or "Cat-Fes" are springing up all over the world. All very unique, here are some you may want to experience in your travels.  Click on the name to go directly to their main page.

SUMMER (June, July, August) Cafe Hours

Monday           CLOSED

Tuesday          10 to 5 PM

Wednesday  10 to 5 PM

Thursday        10 to 5 PM

Friday               10 to 5 PM

Saturday         10 to 6 PM

Sunday             10 to 6 PM

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