Can I bring my own cat?

Our program is designed for people to get to know our Animal Shelter Fostered cats, fall in love, and possibly adopt them.  Or tell a friend about how amazing our place is and they tell their friends, then adopt a kitty or two. We are sorry but no outside pets are allowed.

You say you are a cat cafe. Are you a restaurant?

We offer a complimentary beverage to you that is manufactured off-site as we are not a restaurant.  Any other food products available would be manufactured and packaged off-site as well.  We are working with a local bakery to make some yummy cookies! You are welcome to bring your own snacks and our neighboring sandwich shop offers discounts to our attendees. 

I would like to have a party here, is that ok?

Groups of up to 14 people may book the facility for a private event for special occasions with people of all ages, however the discretion of the management is involved to assure the space is used in a peaceful and tranquil way that won't stress out our furr babies.  We have had wonderful experiences with birthday parties, book club meetings, board game enthusiasts, and even a board meeting!

Do the cats stay here overnight?  

Our cats are 100% Organic and Range Free.  They live here until adoption.  If a cat is confined they are getting some medical attention and need to be separated for a temporary period of time only.  Even quarantined cats have the run of the back office.

Can I bring my small children to visit the cats?

We welcome children over 8 years of age.  Due to the higher supervision requirements of young children around animals, and due to the cats varying personalities, we feel it is a better match for all involved.  Most cat cafe's allow children over 12 only. We do allow, with the discretion of the management, private rentals of the facility with children of all ages. Once a month we offer a children's story time where children 3 to 7 years old can come in with a parent or guardian over the age of 18 and hear cat tales read to them!

Dos and Dont's

Do give our cats lots of gentle petting.  Start with the top of their heads.  Many cats will let you touch their back and tummies, but this is up to the individual cat.  Ask us, we know their individual purrsonalities pretty well.  

Don't pick the cats up, let them come to you. Many are lap cats and love to be held, just let them make that decision for themselves.

Do take lots of pictures. Don't use flash photography as it may scare them.

Do offer to play with them with our toys, but don't wake a  sleeping cat.  They can sleep up to 18 hours a day for short, "cat nap" periods as well as longer periods of time.

Please do not feed the cats.  Ask us if it's snack time and we've got some delectable crunchies you can feed them.

You know what your Mamma used to say, it will spoil your supper if you snack too much!

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