Click on a picture to see the caption to see whether the cat is currently available, and it's name.  The available kitties are at the bottom. We generally have cats from 4 months old to 16 years; from Persians to Ragdolls and Russian Blues, to Siamese, and even Turkish Vans - we have an ever changing variety.

We update when we have time, stop in to see the most current additions - the group changes weekly.

Please see the thank-you letter from TIGER below the photos!

Purrfect Cat Cafe

A Feline Friends Facility‚Äč

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SPRING (March, April, May) Cafe Hours

Monday           CLOSED

Tuesday          CLOSED

Wednesday  11 to 5 PM

Thursday        11 to 5 PM

Friday               11 to 5 PM

Saturday         10 to 6 PM

Sunday             10 to 6 PM

Reservations Recommended